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Window Cleaning in San Luis Obispo County – 5 Star Customer Review

Tree Bones Resort 5 Star Review for Dutch Window Cleaning Artist

I needed my solar panels cleaned since there was so much ash and dirt on them. I was referred by a friend, and could not be more satisfied! The owner is a very honest and kind gentleman, the price was fair, and the results were better than expected! I highly recommend them!

Diane S.

I contacted them on Wednesday about getting our solar panels cleaned (they build up dirt and gunk over time that prevents them from generating at full efficiency) and they were here on Friday. Price was incredibly reasonable, too. Very happy to support another awesome local business.

The S.

I just moved to the area and was in need of a deep cleaning of my windows for my new home including inside and outside and cleaning of all screens and wood frames. Chas was the first person I called who was kind and extremely responsive and personable on the phone. He answered the phone when I called, and set up a time to come out within a few days vs the weeks or months that other companies quoted. His team of himself and his son, did an outstanding job and took extra time and care to take care of every last detail of cleaning. I highly recommend this company and plan to hire them to continue on a regular basis.

Nanci M.

Chase and his son-in-law were excellent. They are very knowledgeable and professional and nice! They went beyond what they had to do and they did a great job! Very happy with their service. They did a soft wash on the townhouse and it really looks good. Don’t need to paint now. Soft wash made the place look fresh and near new! And the windows were really dirty. They are shining and clean now!

Janet P.

Chas did a great job. It’s been a long time since our windows have looked this good. Chas soft washed the house siding and our porch; looks amazing. Thanks Chas and we will see you back here soon.

Mike B.
5 star rating

The DWCA team did a fabulous job - the solar panels sparkle, outside of the house looks new. The windows done inside and out ... looks like there are no windows. They did a fantastic job cleaning the screens too! So glad we found them. Will definitely have them coming back on a regular basis! Thanks Chas ... you are awesome!!

Lois J.
5 star rating

I would like to express my profound appreciation for the job that Chas Smit and Team from Dutch Window Cleaning performed on my unit, in Morro Bay, on July 15, 2020. It is quite refreshing when a contractor shows up to an assigned appointment. Not only on time but with a smile and good humor. A rarity in todays marketplace. Chas Smit is to be commended for the outstanding professional way he conducts his business.Chas and his crew were meticulous and through with the job they performed. From cleaning the unit from the top of the roof to the bottom of the patio area. The windows look brand new is this incredibly old unit that gets a lot of wind, sand and dust blown in from the Morro Bay Harbor. All the cobwebs, black soot, and filmy residue are gone. I have lived in this unit for almost a year and could not believe the layers of dirt in such a short period of time. I am incredibly grateful to Chas and his team to be able to perform this service - and perform it so well.Lastly, I had been trimming the hedge along the side of my unit and needed to leave the clippings so that Chas and his team could get started. Imagine my surprise and delight they cleaned up all my clippings as well. I do not hesitate to recommend Dutch Window Cleaning for all your exterior cleaning needs. Especially if you have solar panels. Thank you, Chas, and Team.Best regards,D'Arcy

D'Arcy D.

Chas the Dutch Window Cleaning Artist exceeded my expectations! He cleaned the exterior windows and screens, and scrubbed the mildew from the exterior of the house, exactly when and how and for the price we had discussed during the quote, which was great. I was very comfortable with the low-pressure water hoses and scrubbers he used; the house looks great and there was absolutely no damage from water cannons or high-pressure nozzles knocking off stucco or anything. Then Chas went above and beyond, and helped me reach some inaccessible places in my vaulted ceilings with his tall ladders, and he even cleaned the old plastic patio chairs which now look brand new. Chas responded promptly to my every communication, and was on time for every appointment. I highly recommend Chas for any window and house cleaning needs. Additionally, he's a fun guy to talk to, and he's been very helpful in recommending great local tradespeople - he seems to know everybody around! He's been a generous resource for this newcomer to the area.

Susan L.
5 star rating

Highly recommend DWCA as they go above and beyond your expectations. They are very detail oriented and really take their time to make sure everything has been cleaned including screens, tracks, window sills... they take their shoes off when entering the house or put shoe covers on. They offer extras like soft wash treatments and cleaning the whole exterior of your home. She even power washed my bbq and patio furniture. You won't be disappointed with DWCA!

Marieke S.

I contacted Chas to have my solar panels cleaned. Chas came by to review the setup and discuss the price. He did a fantastic job and the price is great! Not only are they nice and shiny again, I noticed a change in the power generation immediately! Chas is friendly, quick and provides a great service. I will recommend the Dutch Window Cleaning artist to everybody who needs either his windows or his solar panels cleaned. Oh and he is Dutch, so that is a bonus! Thanks again for a great job. I will be back!

Raimond K.

After contacting the Dutch Window Cleaning Artist about doing my windows, he sent me instructions to take photos of all sides of my house so he could give me an accurate estimate. The estimate was timely and gave different levels of cleaning for me to consider. Since I knew my windows were pretty dirty I went for the full inside/outside cleaning. I was not disappointed! My windows look fantastic and the extras they do, like cleaning around the windows and tracks, mirrors and the glass on my hutch, are still making me happy. Chas and his son are a good team and get the job done with specialized tools and efficiency. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Melody F.
5 star rating

We are thrilled at the great service they have provided. Our windows are cleaner then we thought possible and the price and service was excellent.

Mr. D.

After contacting the Dutch Window Cleaning Artist about doing my windows, he sent me instructions to take photos of all sides of my house so he could give me an accurate estimate. The estimate was timely and gave different levels of cleaning for me to consider. Since I knew my windows were pretty dirty I went for the full inside/outside cleaning. I was not disappointed! My windows look fantastic and the extras they do, like cleaning around the windows and tracks, mirrors and the glass on my hutch, are still making me happy. Chas and his son are a good team and get the job done with specialized tools and efficiency. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Melody F.

Very professional and upfront.

Onor B.

Chas was booked solid but worked me in when he could. He's very responsive over email. Quality of the work is A+, all of my windows had bee pollen/dust on them and he made them look good as new. I will continue to use Chas on a quarterly basis. Thank you!

Brandon W.

Great job on our home in Los Osos, thanks Chas

Dale J.

Chas was booked solid but worked me in when he could. He's very responsive over email. Quality of the work is A+, all of my windows had bee pollen/dust on them and he made them look good as new. I will continue to use Chas on a quarterly basis. Thank you!

Brandon W.

Charles did a great job. We went with the inside/outside with soft wash on the outside of the house. The windows slide better, cobwebs are gone. The mold on the walls and deck are gone. Well worth the cost and cheaper than new paint. Thanks.

Randy R.

My windows look amazing! They did a very detailed job and were personable and friendly. What a difference!

Angela K.

I've been cleaning my own windows for over six years now and have never been able to make my windows shine like Dutch Window Cleaning Artists did. This includes never being able to get rid of all the hard water stains that had accumulated on the glass throughout the years. I'm extremely pleased with my windows now that they've been professionally cleaned, and yes, now that there are no visible hard water stains! Chas Smit, owner, and his son were very particular, as well as immaculate in the service they provided us. They're now included my contacts list for future window cleaning needs. It's a pleasure to recommend them to others.P.S., Dutch Window Cleaning Artists were just here again, with the same great results! It’s so nice having clean windows again. We’ve set up a new schedule with Dutch Window Cleaning Artists so that now the exterior windows will be cleaned automatically every six months, should be very effective this way!

Niki L.

Chas and his son are professional and do a WONDERFUL job. I never knew the tracks of my windows could be SO clean again. They look brand new. Will definitely be using them again!

Melissa M.

They did an excellent job cleaning the screens and windows at my house. I definitely recommend them.

Jacques D.

Chas always does a great job. I appreciate his attention to the details. I love looking through my sparkling clean windows and screens!

David H.

After 5 years of doing some of our windows myself and hardly ever doing the other ones, I was ready to have a professional do them. No more climbing up a ladder to the second story for me; I was looking forward to watching someone else do it. But Chas did not use a ladder. Instead, he used his nifty and impressive window washing equipment. What a setup he has in his van! I sat in my living room on the second story while he washed the outside of the windows from the ground with a long brush. I was skeptical that they would be streak-free without using a squeegee and was itching to squeegee them myself before they dried. But he assured me with his deionized water they would be fine. And he was right. Super clean windows, inside and out, as well as the screens! He is also an entertaining conversationalist at no extra cost.I am so happy to have finally made an appointment with him. Looking forward to having him back when the windows need his magic again!

John C.

Chas always does a fabulous job, no need to look elsewhere. They are truly detail oriented, very professional.

Karin M.

After 5 years of doing some of our windows myself and hardly ever doing the other ones, I was ready to have a professional do them. No more climbing up a ladder to the second story for me; I was looking forward to watching someone else do it. But Chas did not use a ladder. Instead, he used his nifty and impressive window washing equipment. What a setup he has in his van! I sat in my living room on the second story while he washed the outside of the windows from the ground with a long brush. I was skeptical that they would be streak-free without using a squeegee and was itching to squeegee them myself before they dried. But he assured me with his deionized water they would be fine. And he was right. Super clean windows, inside and out, as well as the screens!

He is also an entertaining conversationalist at no extra cost.

I am so happy to have finally made an appointment with him. Looking forward to having him back when the windows need his magic again!

John C.

I can't say enough about how happy I am with how my windows look! Chas and his son were very thorough, professional and easy to work with - and their doggies are so cute! I will definitely be using their services again in the future.

Denise T.

We were so pleased with our window cleaning done by Maritz last week after our remodel. He was friendly, and worked very hard and efficiently to do our inside/outside Dutch style cleaning. We will use this cleaning company again and recommend it to friends and family.

Pamela B.

Chas was on time and very professional. He did a great job on our very dirty windows. We have some high windows and he was able to clean inside and out. The difference is amazing. I highly recommend him.

Sandra C.

Chas worked in our neighborhood, so I was able to verify satisfaction with his work with our neighbors. We were also very happy with our clean house and windows--and we have lots of windows! The whole experience was pleasant for us and we were so happy with the results.

Suzan F.

We just finished an extensive interior/exterior remodel. The house exterior was covered in a sticky dust from all the construction. We needed professional window cleaning help! We researched 3 local services. While each returned our call and were competitively priced, for us it was the DUTCH window cleaning artist that hit all the points of a good, and quite thorough professional experience. DUTCH owner, Chas answered our initial call while he was “on-the-job” washing a client’s windows – so we didn’t wait AT ALL for a return call. We scheduled an in-person estimate for same day. Chas arrived as scheduled in a large, bright white “wrapped in advertising” van, introduced himself, walked around the house exterior, then provided a detailed, pre-printed pricing sheet with a choice of 3 service packages. When we asked about soonest availability Chas accommodated a Saturday appointment. The DUTCH window cleaning artist arrived as scheduled and on time. Within a few hours, the exterior house walls, a 40ft porch awning, 30 window panes, frames, sills and tracks were thoroughly cleaned inside & out. As a plus, the porch lights, shower glass, and all mirrors throughout the house were included in the DUTCH service package. DUTCH accommodated our schedule on very short notice, provided a detailed, written pricing in advance, showed up on time, performed a super-quality window cleaning using high quality products and technique. The DUTCH window cleaning artist was organized and worked efficiently, quickly, quietly and cleanly, and left nothing undone! Truly an easy and rewarding experience. There was nothing left for us to do except enjoy the views! We plan to continue with a DUTCH regular maintenance program so our windows with look beautiful year round! GREAT SERVICE!Thank you, DUTCH.

Michele S.

We just had the Dutchman clean our IPE decks and surrounding benches, outdoor furniture including umbrellas, and windows inside and out, including screens. His work was AWESOME, his rates were very competitive, and he was a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend him!!

Bob W.

Chas has the highest standards and does a spotless job on all the windows. His detail to clean the cobwebs on the exterior makes a lot of the house really shine. I highly recommend him.

Doug O.

I found Dutch Window Cleaning Artist through an Internet search and was impressed by the good reviews. As is so often the case, our experience was also great. Chas showed up, did a beautiful job on some very dirty solar panels. He also cleaned off some skylights that he came across and didn't even charge me!!Needless to say, I highly recommend our local Dutch Window Cleaning Artist.

Todd K.

We are leasing an older mobile home. It has two large awnings running the 60' length. So in addition to washing the entire exterior of the house Chas washed the underside of the awnings, probably for the first time in years. He also washed our side of our neighbor's 6' vinyl fence and did the 50' deck under one of the awnings. Looks great. Nice to have a freshly cleaned exterior of the old mobile home!

Peter H.

Dutch the window cleaning artist does a superb job. We will have him back over and over again. I highly recommend his services.

Kim C.

Chas was amazing! We literally have and entire building of windows and I've never found anyone that could make them shine like Dutch! I wish there was an option for six stars! - Alfano Mercedes Benz of San Luis Obispo

Chris B.

What a great company! They were able to come out right away and they did a great job but the two dogs that greeted me the parking lot were the best part! Thanks Dutch Window Cleaning Artist!


Chas came and delivered above and beyond all of our expectations!!!

✅ On time
✅ Friendly & Dependable
✅ Great prices
✅ Careful, Thorough
✅ From Holland = Super Clean!

He is truly an ARTIST

Lee A.

Chas does an amazing job. My windows, mirrors and glass doors throughout the house and the entire outside of the house are the cleanest ever. I highly recommend this service.

Phyllis H.

Great work, detailed and prompt. Thanks!

Laine A.

Chas was very responsive in providing an estimate and keeping in touch with me until I was ready for a much needed house and window cleaning. His work was great and made a huge difference

Steven M.

My house , solar panel and my art studio looked amazing after Char and his team were finished cleaning all the windows and glass. I felt clean when he was finished?

Caroline R.

Love these guys! Excellent job. Our window sparkle.

Natalie R.

I called Chas pretty late for having my windows cleaned before Thanksgiving but was hoping that there may be an opening or cancellation with a forecast of rain in the near future. Of course he was fully booked but he took pity on me and offered to squeeze in doing the outside only of my windows because he is a kind person. He did show up as promised & even though the job turned out to be more than originally it appeared he completed all the exterior surfaces & some screens of the windows so that they were perfectly cleaned above & beyond my expectations. Of course he offered to come back when he had some time to squeeze in any fill in I needed just before my company was arriving the following week in case the cleaning company I had coming to do the interior was not able to do a respectable job inside on what was left to do. The cleaning company was not as good on the inside as Chas was on the outside but they were okay & the windows looked good enough since Chas had done such a thorough job outside. I'll schedule him much earlier for December's cleaning inside & out! He really is the best at cleaning windows so they are really clean with no streaks or spots, and the best at getting to difficult windows to clean like mine. I was amazed and impressed.

Sharon G.

Chas is great with customer service! He visits your home to take detailed notes and learn about the exact services you want. His estimates are very detailed with different options for added services, making it easy to customize your order. We are so pleased with the results! Layers of dust and grime were completely clean! Our windows on the top floor had a film from the sea salt air in Pismo Beach, but now we can see through them crystal-clear! Excellent service, thank you Chas!

Alissa G.

I look forward to my annual window cleaning by Chas and his team - it makes the house just like new again. They are meticulous and efficient in going about their work inside and out. Given a multi-level house, they tackle the challenge with ease. I love that the windows still look great after a rain, since they wash around the windows as well. Beautiful!

Aileen L.

Chaz is very reliable and does a very thorough job. I think his prices are reasonable. I think you will be happy with his work

andrea w.

Great service!! Windows are so clean!! Will definitely use them again!

brian o.

Dutch Window Cleaning company does excellent work, dependable and honest. I highly recommend them to get the job done.

Alan D.

Chas and his team are fantastic. We have a two story house and many windows. They clean all of the screens and get all of the windows inside and out clean in a very timely manner. They are very efficient and except for sparkling windows I never know they’ve been to my house!

Kim S.

Awesome guy and fantastic work! Very happy to find a reliable and trustworthy company. Highly recommended!!!

joe g.

I had never used this service before but I had heard it advertised. Judging from what I heard on the radio, Chas took pride in doing a very thorough job and that appealed to me. My windows are looking great, I even got a compliment on them. He also helped me find someone to fix my broken screens.

Rosh W.

Excellent window and screen cleaning-inside and out. We’ve had Dutch window cleaning for a couple of years and I highly recommend and will use again next year.

Alisa P.

I highly recommend Dutch Window Cleaning Artist. Chas not only cleans windows, his services can include skylights, mirrors, shower doors, eaves, driveways, etc. He brings his own DI water and my home is always sparkling when he has finished. Chas is very professional and the best window cleaner we have ever engaged.

Kyunga H.

Highly recommend to avoid painting or to prepare that big paint job. Very reasonable pricing!

Karen B.

We feel very fortunate to have selected Dutch Window Cleaning Artist. The whole process beginning with the initial contact was handled in a very timely and professional manner. Chas is amazing! We just purchased our home about six months ago. It had been vacant for almost a year. You can imagine what the windows looked like. The work was outstanding. Although Chas had not seen our low profile skylights during the bid process, he cleaned them without any additional charge. I would highly recommend this company.

bob j.

To Chas of Dutch Window Cleaning, Thank you so much for the job you did at our home. I thought your price was very high at first but my neighbor said you are worth it. So, yes, you are!! You are expensive but you are the best. Our windows have never been cleaner or even really cleaned in 18 years. Not only the windows buy the window casings. You also did our sky lights, eves, rain spouts, fixtures, furniture, and the patios. We are very pleased with your work and also really enjoy your humor. Thanks You!! Mary Jo "jo" and Jim

Mary J.

Our windows were VERY dirty! The house had been recently painted following considerable exterior repair. We had the complete the "Dutch Service" and are extremely happy with the results. In addition to the windows, the screens, tracks, and sills were cleaned. We have two large closets with mirrored doors as well as a very large mirror in the master bath. They are all clean and sparkling! Service was fast and courteous. We highly recommend their services.

Carolyn N.

Dutch Window Cleaning Artist did a fantastic job cleaning our windows! We also used their house siding cleaning option and were pleasantly surprised to see how clean our house now looks. Their attention to detail in cleaning is excellent and if you want to feel confident in getting a high quality job done you should contact Chas! You can find cheaper costs elsewhere, but you cannot find better work anywhere!!

John R.

Fast response. Amazing service. We got the complete Dutch Service and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend!

Linda W.

Excellent work! I was amazed at how my house looked after Chas was done! He is prompt and delivers a great service. All parts of a window are cleaned, screens and tracks and very thoroughly! A lot of work for a very reasonable price!!

sigrid w.

I was very pleased with the work Chas did on my mobile home. He went out of his way to accommodate my last minute need to get the exterior of my mobile home washed in preparation for painting. He changed his schedule to fit me in. He was prompt, fast and did a great job.

Deborah H.
5 star rating

These guys are amazing. They did all our windows (some 25 ft up) inside and out in readiness for selling our home. Absolutely beautiful job. It was expensive but definitely worth it! I enjoyed talking with the Dutch owner, Chas, and his son. These two worked quickly and efficiently. We hadn't washed the windows in our great room for years. They were just too hard to reach if you're not used to climbing tall ladders. I still can't get over the difference!

Kimberly T.
5 star rating

Excellent window cleaning service. They were professional and thorough. We'll definitely use them again.

Alisa P.

Chas did a beautiful job cleaning the exterior of our home and all of our windows. He is friendly, responsive and does great work. We will definitely be using his services again.

Martine D.

We've been using Chas for 5 years and have always been very pleased with the outcome. Not only are our windows (and we have lots of them!) beautifully clean, along with the screens, but he also cleans our patio, deck, eaves, garage doors, skylights, and patio furniture. A truly complete spring cleaning!

Juliane M.

This is the second year we had Chas clean our windows at our home and business. He is always easy to reach and responds to requests timely. I trust him in our home and business guest rooms. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing him next year. Thank you Chas!

Maureen H.

We met Chas about a year ago, he was recommended by our realtor, and we've never looked back! He does everything he says he'll do, only better, more expertly and the windows look amazing! We highly recommend him!

Patty A.

Excellent job on the windows, screens and house both times. Highly recommend Chas.

Robert H.

Chas is the best window cleaner I've had since moving to Morro Bay 9 years ago. He's honest, thorough, reliable, and will point out other areas of concern such as molding under the eaves. I recommend him without any reservation.

Donald H.

Chas does a great job. This was the second time he has cleaned our windows/house and we will call him next time too.

Matt T.

Chaz and his team are amazing. They keep our windows sparkling clean!

Missy R.

I can't say enough good things about Chas Smit and his Dutch Window Clng Service. Everything Chas promised about the quality of his work was true. My windows look great inside and out ( and Chas was very careful working inside my house), and the "soft clng" of the outside of my house was beyond expectation. Chas was right, when he was done, my house looked like it had just be painted and the under sides of the gutters, and the soffits were pristine! I would highly recommend this business to anyone. Chas was polite, cared about my concerns, on time, organized, and efficient. I enjoyed having him at my house.

Pam D.

Chas and Mo deliver excellent, on-time, and highly professional service. Your windows will sparkle and your home will shine once they've come and gone! Also, a sprinkler pipe was broken due to a ladder giving access to second-story windows, and Chas got a repairman out immediately and fixed it pronto. I've recommended Dutch Window Cleaners to many of my friends and neighbors and they love them too! (And if you have some extra strong espresso, Chas–being Dutch–will always join you for a cup!) Highly recommended!

Rea B.

We have had Dutch Window Cleaning wash our windows twice a year for a few years now and are always happy with their friendly service.

Kathy G.

We were very impressed with Chas and his son. Chas carefully checked our home for the work to be done and Maurice followed up by doing everything perfectly and in a timely manner. We definitely will have them back -- again and again. Their work is outstanding and their prices fair. Who can ask for more?

Janus B.

Rarely is using the superlative appropriate but in this case it is. Chas and his son did an excellent job for us. They cleaned the windows and the solar panels and removed screens, all with serious attention to details. No question -- we'll have his service again and again.

The F.

Amazing work! I came home and my windows and eves were beautiful. They were careful and easy to work with. Beautifully clean screens, and spiderwebs disappeared. I will be using them again!

maeve h.

Cha did a great job cleaning our fence and our windows. He was very professional in scheduling our appt and followed through on his promises. We will definitely use him again for our fence and our windows ! Thank you Chas 🙂

Scott S.

Chas did a great job on our windows. He was very thorough and texted ahead of time to tell me the time of their arrival and remind me of the date they would be there. I will use him again!

Diana M.

I have used Chas Smit's Window Cleaning full service for the past two years and have been very satisfied the all that he and his son have done for the cleaning both inside and out. I like the way he does business and the detail he puts into the estimates although he probably goes beyond what he lists. A real professional and perfectionist. Pat w

Patrick W.

Chas did a wonderful job cleaning our windows in advance of an event at our house. He was very reliable and communicated in advance about arrival time and scheduling. His attention to detail is meticulous. We have used him before and will be using him again in the future.

David W.

I used Chas at Dutch Window Cleaning, he did a terrific job and my windows are perfect. He is very professional and was done in less than half a day for my entire house. I would recommend his company to anyone.

Audrey K.

Chas took care of everything from the solar panels to the decks and windows. Our home never looked so good!!

Kiss t.

Chas does an excellent job and is very careful in his work. We have used him twice so far and plan to again. Thx, Chas!

Nancy L.

Chas took on a big job with our house. The windows, exterior walls, and porch now look brand new! Most noticeable is the brightness Chas' thorough window cleaning brought to the interior of our home. Thank you Chas!

Kris F.

We can't believe how beautiful our house looks right now. Neighbors were commenting and asking about if we professionally painted the house. Thank you, Chas for the great work you do! I look forward having The Dutch Window Cleaning Artist back again!

Nelly C.

"You get what you pay for." - My mom's wisdom was correct as far as Chas cleaning my windows. He did the best cleaning job I've ever seen.

Irene D.

Chas did a great job on our windows inside and out as well as our solar panels. They have never been so clean! He also cleaned our sun blocking screens which I have never been able to clean and they look like brand new. Definitely will call Chas again when we need windows and exterior cleaned.

George R.

Chas is very professional and great at what he does! He is very clear and offers suggestions as well on other services. I have used him for a few years now and will keep coming back. My windows and solar panels are spotless!

Kelly G.

Chas has been doing our windows since we built out house seven years ago. Some of our windows are very high and difficult to access with a ladder, so his de-ionized water system was the best and maybe the only answer. We're always very pleased with the results. Chas is smart and careful and clearly cares about his work and his customers' satisfaction, so I highly recommend him to take care of your house.

Robert H.

thorough and efficient - dependable and reliable - consistent - have used for years and will continue --- interior, exterior, skylights, deck power wash

chip s.

Chas, the Dutch window Cleaning Artist, is truly the best! He is on time, neat and tidy and gets the job done remarkably quickly. I can not imagine finding anyone better and, fortunately, I don't have to.

Deborah S.

Chas provides outstanding service and is a pleasure to work with. The windows, screens, and tracks all look great, but he also removed the cobwebs and some mildew from the gutters and fascia boards. Chas has cleaned the house twice now, and I will definitely call him again.

Brandon T.
4 star rating

We live in Trilogy/Monarch Dunes. Our home has surface mold (or mildew) on it due to the fact that the builder used an inferior (Frazee) grade of paint. When you are two miles from the beach you don't use a flat paint without antimicrobials in it. That being said, we had Chas come out. He was prompt and on time at 8AM this morning and spend approximately 2.5 hours cleaning the facia boards and all wood trim (including removing the screens from the windows and cleaning the windows). When he was done, I could not find any signs of mold.We are having the exterior repainted with Sherman-Williams Eggshell Paint which has the proper and appropriate antimicrobials contained in the paint. Update:9/11: iMessages Chas as there was a three foot section of fascia board that was either missed or needed another application. Chas was in the neighborhood and either did not get my message or did not respond. Regardless, the painters are prepping and it is too late.

Andy R.
5 star rating

We have had Chas do our windows and solar panels for the past two years. I have been completely satisfied with the results. My windows and screens are cleaned so thoroughly that it is hard to tell if the windows are open or closed. I asked that he be here at a certain time and he actually arrived 5 minutes early which I found very impressive. As far as price, you get what you pay for. He may be on the high end of price, but his work is high end.

Cathy L.

I've sub-contracted Dutch Window Cleaning Artist for several of my new construction projects and they're one of the best in the area. I'd refer them to anyone looking for a professional window cleaning service.

Pam Beach / Owner of Crystal Dove Cleaning & Handyman Services

Pam B.
5 star rating

They did a fantastic job. Not only cleaned the windows also cleaned all the screens and window ledges and frames. Thanks for a job well done.When job was finished they did not leave a mess behind and they arrive with their own water.

Peter H.
5 star rating

Job well done. We are very satisfied with our window cleaning job. These guys are real pros. Everything done exactly as advertised.

Joe P.
5 star rating

Clean and sparkling are the windows at Forden's thanks to Chas and his crew. From the initial contact to the time the job was finished was very quick. Chas was able to fit us in and get the job done that we needed before a photo shoot for a Google Virtual tour. I would highly recommend Dutch Window Cleaning Artist. Professional, timely, friendly and job done as quoted.

Jean R.

Dutch Window Cleaning Artist service is the best. He brings his special water and does a remarkable job and you have gleaming glass windows!

Barbara W.

These guys are awesome! Great job and excellent service. 2 thumbs up.

David H.

Dutch Window Cleaners are the best. Attention to detail. Totally professional. It's not the just the clean glass, it's the cleaning of the window frames, screens, spider webs, and everything else I can't reach. Thanks for a great job!

Shirley G.
5 star rating

They did a great job with my windows, but the "soft" cleaning on my house left streaks on the paint that needed touching up. Chas took the time to fix any streak and hired a painter to fix the any marks left.

Phil A.
5 star rating

Chas and his son did an excellent job on our windows. We live on a hillside, so cleaning windows on three levels was no easy job. They cleaned our windows inside and out, washed all the screens, cleaned inside window sills, all our shutters, french doors, and mirrors. They also power washed our front deck. They provide their own water, which is essential in our current drought. They did exactly as they said they would on their quote. I couldn't be more pleased.

Eileen O.
5 star rating

Dutch Window Cleaning Artist just left our home and I can not be more pleased! They did an exceptional job cleaning our windows inside and out. They went above and beyond cleaning our windows, from the mirrors inside our home to the fascia boards around the perimeter of our house. Our home is built into the hillside and has 5 levels with a ton of windows. It only took them half a day and the price was extremely reasonable! Our view is simply amazing now!

Brooke S.

We are so fortunate to have such great window service here on the central coast. Chas and his son did a spectacular job on my home and this place feels like a crystal palace now! Thank you for a superb job done.

Kristopher D.
5 star rating

I had all of my windows cleaned by Chas at Dutch Window Cleaning this week. Wow! What a difference! They were so thorough and cleaned all the sills and screens. They even cleaned my eaves. My house and windows look so much better now. Feels great! I would definitely call Chas if you want really perfectly clean windows. Judy

Judy H.

thankyou Chaz and son!! My windows look incredible! I love the job and the price was reasonable! My windows were so dirty!!!! Now they are clean!!! You both are really good guys!

Susie R.

Very professional friendly service I would highly recommend them

Ron R.
5 star rating

I highly recommend Dutch Window Cleaning Artist. They do an exceptional job and when finished my house sparkles and shines.

Kathie L.
5 star rating

Chas and his crew aren't just the best window cleaners in the county, they are the most charming and intelligent! A great team to have working at your home or place of business. I hire them to clean the windows at my place of business and they always do more than I expect and the bill is extremely reasonable. Who does that anymore? Amazing!

Michelle J.
5 star rating

The windows in my house hadn't been washed in years and really needed some love. I hired Chas based on his good reviews on Yelp and the fact that he drove out to my house to check it out before quoting the job. Chas and his team came while I was at work and not only cleaned my windows, but cleaned the garage, all outdoor light fixtures, and pressure washed the concrete around my house. They even cleaned my patio furniture. We live in a windy part of town and have a dog so we had a lot of dust and leaves and dog hair accumulated in the yard. It was gone! My house looked better than it has since I moved in two years ago. I am so thankful for their attention to detail as well as trustworthiness. They provide a superior service and I would recommend them to anyone! THANK YOU!

Melanie M.
5 star rating

Outstanding job! Loved coming home to bright, clean windows! House looked beautiful after power washing, decks looked great, & the guys cleaned up nicely! Absolutely best window washers in Central Coast! Kudos to Jason & guys for a great job! Thanks, Chas, for squeezing some time for our house! I wouldn't use any other company!

Ramona V.
5 star rating

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Best job I've ever seen on our windows (which are very old and very dirty). Has amazing equipment and even carries insurance! Spend a little more and get a crew of a family ran business that does the job correct, insures their work, and are a pleasure to have in your home!!! I would give 10 stars if I could!!!!

Jenn B.
5 star rating

This really is the best window cleaner in San Luis county. They are a family owned and run business. They were on time, efficient, polite, knowledgeable, and professional. They did more than the windows too. they removed all the cobwebs around the house, they blew out the leaves off the porch and patio, they power washed the front door and porches, they power washed a retaining wall, they removed all my screens and cleaned them too, they cleaned all the window tracks of all the dust grime and leaves, and they cleaned all the window frames and window sills inside and out. They did ALL that without me even asking!!He also informed me of three windows that were broken (off track) that needed to be repaired. He also told me that my water spicket needed to be repaired too. It was leaking like crazy. I had no idea what was wrong with it. It was like having my dad come to the house and tell me what i needed to do. He told me i needed to call a handyman or plumber. Trust me when i tell you that this is the guy you want to hire. After he left, all my neighbors asked me for his number. He's the kind of guy who gets the job done without any excuses. He was very upfront on prices and i thought the price was extremely fair. My house looks spectacular.

Kathy C.
5 star rating

I called Chas when I needed someone to clean the windows in a rental I was moving out of and the windows in a two-story house I had bought, which had the dirtiest windows I've ever seen! He and his son Maurit did a wonderful job in both places and helped to make a stressful time much less so! I was pleased to see the way the sparkling windows in the new place made the house open up and look so much better. They were both so careful to not track dirt onto the rugs and to leave everything pristine. They also cleaned the leaves rom the gutters and later I asked him to come back to powerwash some bricks and flagstone which made them look brand-new. In short, I would heartily recommend Duch Window Cleaning and have been telling my friends about them as well.

Shane V.
5 star rating

Chas and Son did a fantastic job cleaning my windows! But more than that they cleaned all the cob webs off the house, pressure sprayed the driveway, cleaned all the window tracks, and screens too. They even cleaned all the mirrors inside the house too! They were fast and efficient. They gave me so much more than just clean windows. I would highly recommend them as the best and worth every penny!Thanks Dutch Window Cleaning Artist for a great job! I can see beautifully out of my clean windows and it was so nice to see that you take so much pride in your work!JamieGrover Beach

Jamie Z.
5 star rating

Wow!! Chas and Mauritz from Dutch Windown Cleaning did a fantastic job. We will definitely use them again.

Leslie K.
5 star rating

Amazing attention to detail, unlike any service I've previously received...I mean, even down to power washing the front of the house and blowing the driveway and sidewalk. No more cobwebs and windows sparkling clean inside and out, and yes, the "gunk" is gone from the tracks. Dutch is different, beyond worth the reasonable price. Yes, I'll be using them again ... Thanks Chas!

Mindy N.
5 star rating

Chas and his son are reliable, thorough, and do a first rate job. Living in the mountains, we get plenty of bird-droppings and when we got home after Chas left, it was all gone!

Tim B.