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Window Cleaning I grew up in Holland, where keeping a clean home is a monthly routine. The Dutch are big on window cleaning, so growing up, window washing was at the top of my monthly chore list. In Holland, you don’t just sprits your windows, you clean everything around the windows and that’s how I came up with the tagline “We clean windows the Dutch way.” We not only know how to do proper window cleaning, we offer mold removal from awnings and stucco walls with our power washing services. That’s why we provide the best window cleaning service in San Luis Obispo County! Having spent the majority of my adult life in the corporate field, I one day realized my life wasn’t going anywhere. I was constantly away from home living in airplanes, hotel rooms and restaurants. I suddenly opened my eyes asking myself why am I doing this? Why am I away from home missing quality time with my kids? Living on the central California coast inspired me to create a better quality of life. Give us all call today for a free quote! Owner – Chas Smit

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Water-DropletDutch Window Cleaning Artist are conscious of your water consumption by bringing our own water to wash your windows. In many cities along the central coast and California there are tough water restrictions put in place which makes it harder for homeowners to keep their houses clean and lawns green. That is why we supply our own water to make your home look good without additional cost to you!