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  • Chas took on a big job with our house. The windows, exterior walls, and porch now look brand new! Most noticeable is the brightness Chas' thorough window cleaning brought to the interior of our home. Thank you Chas!

    Kris F. Avatar
    Kris F.
  • "You get what you pay for." - My mom's wisdom was correct as far as Chas cleaning my windows. He did the best cleaning job I've ever seen.

    Irene D. Avatar
    Irene D.
  • Chas, the Dutch window Cleaning Artist, is truly the best! He is on time, neat and tidy and gets the job done remarkably quickly. I can not imagine finding anyone better and, fortunately, I don't have to.

    Deborah S. Avatar
    Deborah S.
  • I called Chas pretty late for having my windows cleaned before Thanksgiving but was hoping that there may be an opening or cancellation with a forecast of rain in the near future. Of course he was fully booked but he took pity on me and offered to squeeze in doing the outside only of my windows because he is a kind person. He did show up as promised & even though the job turned out to be more than originally it appeared he completed all the exterior surfaces & some screens of the windows so that they were perfectly cleaned above & beyond my expectations. Of course he offered to come back when he had some time to squeeze in any fill in I needed just before my company was arriving the following week in case the cleaning company I had coming to do the interior was not able to do a respectable job inside on what was left to do. The cleaning company was not as good on the inside as Chas was on the outside but they were okay & the windows looked good enough since Chas had done such a thorough job outside. I'll schedule him much earlier for December's cleaning inside & out! He really is the best at cleaning windows so they are really clean with no streaks or spots, and the best at getting to difficult windows to clean like mine. I was amazed and impressed.

    Sharon G. Avatar
    Sharon G.
  • Dutch Window Cleaning company does excellent work, dependable and honest. I highly recommend them to get the job done.

    Alan D. Avatar
    Alan D.
Solar Panel Cleaning Arroyo Grande

Solar Panel Cleaning

Get the most out of your solar panels.

Solar panels must stay clean; and it is important that they are cleaned effectively by an expert. Solar Panel cleaning utilizing a weight washer can break the seals between the glass and the board. Unforgiving chemicals will separate the elastic gasket seals. The wrong sort of brush will scratch the glass, bringing about shading and conceivably breaking.

When solar panel cleaning is done correctly your panels will be without spots and dirt  giving you the best energy results from your solar panels.

Solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program. Dirty panels produce less electricity than clean panels.  Our maintenance team is available to clean solar panel arrays on homes, businesses, or large ground mount systems.  As a part of the cleaning service, we perform a visual inspection of the solar array to make sure that everything appears to be in good working order.

Dutch Solar Panel Cleaning San Luis Obispo County

The typical cleaning services includes the following.

  • Inspect site prior to work being performed. Note any hazardous conditions.
  • Cover all electrical equipment, i.e. inverters and combiner boxes, beneath area to be cleaned with tarps prior to cleaning.
  • Use of aerial man lift where required to reach surface of solar modules to be cleaned.
  • No chemicals or abrasive cleaning are applied to solar modules during the cleaning process.
  • Surface of solar modules to be visually inspected prior to cleaning.  All accumulated debris to be removed from array surface.
  • Spray down all solar modules with water at minimal pressure. (No high pressure washers are to be used.)
  • Water to be conditioned through water softener prior to application. This is done to minimize mineral deposit.
  • In heavy soil situations a soft bristle automotive style brush to be used to break free accumulated soil on surface of solar modules. Brushes are designed to avoid causing micro fractures or scratches on surface of solar modules.
  • Solar panel cleaning is critical to maintaining solar system performance.