Before & After

  • Residential Window Cleaning

    Residential Window Cleaning

    We save your water by bringing our own to wash your windows. No matter how big or small the job…


  • Exterior Soft Wash

    Exterior Soft Wash

    Learn how our Soft Wash services can save you thousands by not having to repaint your home! We safely remove…


  • Commercial Window Cleaning

    Commercial Window Cleaning

    We offer commercial window cleaning services. We can get to hard to reach windows and make sure they're thoroughly cleaned.


  • Soft Wash

    Soft Wash

    Our Soft Wash services makes the exterior of your building look brand new again. Including roofs!


  • Eaves on Home Exterior

    Eaves on Home Exterior

    Before: Dirty eaves on home exterior. Notice the dirty and older looking painted surface that would have a tough time…


  • Mildewed Facia board on home exterior

    Mildewed Facia board on home exterior

    Before: Dirty and mildewed facia board on home exterior. Notice the painted surface that would be damaged by high-pressure cleaning.…


  • Home Exterior Stucco

    Home Exterior Stucco

    Before: Home exterior stucco was infested by mildew. Take note of the ugly mildew staining on normally difficult home exterior…


  • Trellis


    Before: This trellis is covered in mildew but delicate. It or its surface would likely become damaged with traditional pressure…


  • Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning

    Before: Window Cleaning After: Window Cleaning


  • Exterior of Residence

    Exterior of Residence

    Before: Dirty Exterior of residence showing aged look. After: Softwash and window cleaning made this home look fresh and clean.


  • Reviving a Dirty Home

    Reviving a Dirty Home

    Before: Home looking dirty and worn. After: Softwash and window cleaning gave this home and amazing transformation and prolonged the…


  • Home Exterior

    Home Exterior

    Before: Dirty home exterior. After: SoftWash to the rescue.  


  • stucco wall

    stucco wall

    Before: Grungy, mildew-stained stucco wall in need of cleaning. After: SoftWash instead of high-pressure cleaning brightened and brought vitality back…


  • Metal Roofing

    Metal Roofing

    Before: filthy metal roofing. After: Cleaned Metal roofing.


  • Tile Roofing

    Tile Roofing

    Before: Dirty, mildew covered clay tile roofing needs cleaning. After: SoftWash cleaned this clay tile roofing of mildew and dirt.


  • Mildewed patio deck

    Mildewed patio deck

    Before: Mildewed patio deck in desperate need of cleaning. After: Mildew cleaned from patio deck making it look clean and…


  • Home exterior stone

    Home exterior stone

    Before: Home exterior stone needs cleaning. After: Home exterior stone looking like new again.


  • Before & After – Metal roof Cleaning

    Before & After – Metal roof C

    Before: Metal roofing covered with dirty sludge. After: Metal roofing clean as new.


  • Professional Window Washing

    Professional Window Washing

    Dutch Window Cleaning Artist provides professional window washing services on California's central coast.


  • Residential Window Cleaning

    Residential Window Cleaning

    Dutch Window Cleaning Artist provides residential window cleaning in San Luis Obispo county!


  • Team on Action 7

    Team on Action 7

    Dutch Window Cleaning Artist offers office and commercial window cleaning in Pismo, San Luis Obispo and Atascadero!


  • Team on Action 5

    Team on Action 5

    Dutch Window Cleaning Artist offer power washing services which include deck cleaning, gutter cleaning and stucco cleaning.


  • Chas Smit

    Chas Smit

    Chas Smit is the owner of Dutch Window Cleaning Artist located on California's central coast.


  • Mau Smit

    Mau Smit

    Mau Smit is the son of Chas Smit and a window washer for Dutch Window Cleaning Artist.


  • Equipment


    Dutch Window Cleaning Artist brings their own water to your house or commercial window washing job!