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Our Services

Our Services

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Soft Wash Instead of Paint!

Don’t spend thousands on painting your house!

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“Dutch Style Window Cleaning & Washing”

Unlike other window cleaning services we remove the sliding window and inner rails from the track and clean underneath. Nobody else does this!

Pressure Washing

Dutch Window Cleaning Artists offer pressure washing your walkway is key to maintaining your home’s value. There are lots of different types of concrete/masonry surfaces that we clean:

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Gutter Cleaning

By having your gutters cleaned habitually, you will drastically diminish the danger of damaging your home. Sit back and relax when it rains, and have your gutters cleaned today.

Solar Panel Cleaning

When solar panel cleaning is done correctly your panels will be without spots and dirt giving you the best energy results from your solar panels.

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Mold Removal Services

Does your house need mold removal? Let Dutch Window Cleaning Artist get rid of mold for you. We have the right tools, experience and the attention to detail that will ensure your house is in good shape.

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