Dutch Window Cleaning Artist
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This is how we clean solar panels in San Luis Obispo County

#1 Solar Panel Cleaning in San Luis Obispo

This is a neglected solar panel here. Looks like a lot of life on it.

I have to spray it first and Mau is scrubbing it all off it’s coming off good uh, Mau?

so if you guys have dirty panels Dutch Window Cleaning Artist.

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Chas Smit
Hi, my name is Chas Smit and I am the owner of Dutch Window Cleaning Artist. I grew up in Holland, where keeping a clean home is a monthly routine. The Dutch are big on window cleaning, so growing up, window washing was at the top of my monthly chore list. In Holland, you don’t just spritz your windows, you clean everything around the windows and that’s how I came up with the tagline “We clean windows the Dutch way.” We not only know how to do proper window cleaning, we remove mold from awnings, stucco, siding, roof tile, concrete etc. with our pressure washing services. That’s why we provide the best window washer service in San Luis Obispo County!