Window Cleaning in San Luis Obispo County.


What is “Dutch Style” window cleaning?

Unlike other window cleaning services we remove the sliding window and inner rails from the track and clean underneath. Nobody else does this!

The “Dutch Style” is a standard of excellence set by traditions in window cleaning by the Dutch. Most American folks don’t know what Dutch style window cleaning involves. Thinking of a window cleaning service, most of you think about a guy showing up in a car with a surf board. His trunk has a bucket, squeegee and towel. Some of them have a three step ladder and that’s about it.


We remove cobwebs and other dust/dirt from around the house. We also wash front porches, eves, fascia boards, gutters, outside doors including garage doors! We remove and clean all window screens with ammonia and soap at 300F water temperature. We clean both sides leaving the screens super clean! Most other window cleaners wipe your screens with either a dirty damp rag or the just rinse them with cold water from a garden hose leaving the screens dirty. As soon as the rain hits these screens your windows are dirty again. It’s a joke!

 squeegeeWindow cleaning:

Most other cleaning services don’t remove grime and tree sap from windows. They just wash them with cold water, leaving a film of dirt (not visible to the eye). This film attracts dirt/dust right away causing the windows to get dirty instantly. First time jobs; Dutch Window Cleaning Artist removes this grime. This involves hand scraping or if the windows are tempered we use fine graded steel wool and soap. The glass service now is smooth and doesn’t attract dirt/dust leaving the windows clean much, much longer.